Sung Jingles

Sung jingles are one of the most powerful and effective branding tools for radio stations.
The right jingle package complements your music and speech, while ensuring that listeners sing your radio station name!

Devaweb’s sister company Ignite Jingles creates sung jingle packages for stations around the world, and whether you’re after something that works with today’s chart hits, or to play next to classic hits, we’ve got a package that’ll work just right.

We sing our jingles in multiple languages, and can adapt sonic logos and melodies, so that your jingle package sounds like it was custom created for your station!

Check out how they sound:

We’re also representatives for Dallas-based TM Studios, meaning that we can supply their jingle packages to our clients. Check out these examples of TM Studios packages:


Let’s chat about what kind of jingles would sound perfect on your station.We’re experts at creating long-lasting, highly effective jingles, while always coming in within budget!