For almost 20 years we’ve been helping radio stations stand out with strong, effective audio branding packages, and high quality sung jingles. Now, we’re working with podcasters who want to sound the best!

From our base in Manchester UK, we work with clients worldwide, and our audio is heard every second of every day, from Austin to Australia, Portugal to Puerto Rico.

We want to help create the right sound and feel for your podcast. Whether you want the shine of an NPR or BBC production, or a cool, different sonic identity that’s like nothing heard before, we’re ready to help.

Podcast Post-Production

You’re the expert on your subject and content – but if you’re not as confident with the editing and post-production, we can look after that for you.

We’ll help the voices stand out, we’ll add intro music and voiceovers, even create your sponsor messages. We’re experts in communication, and we’ll give your podcast the polish it deserves.

Podcast Editing

Audio Imaging for Podcasts

Our podcast imaging packages contain all the elements you’ll need, pus we can create professional sponsor messages and commercials.

If you don’t want any voiceovers on your podcast, we’ve got a range of royalty-free music beds and sonic logos, and if you don’t hear one you like, we can write compose something custom for you!

Podcast Imaging

Complete Podcast Creation

If your company or client wants a podcast series but you’re keen to out-source the creating and production, we can act as a while-label service to record on location, edit and upload your podcasts to be embedded onto your client’s website. Find out more and listen to examples here.