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Election Guidelines 2017

Devaweb & Paul Chantler – Election Guidelines

A general election has been announced for Thursday 8th June 2017, and during the election period, there are various regulations that must be followed by all Ofcom-regulated stations.

In this free three-page guide, radio consultant Paul Chantler shares information and advice that might be useful to presenters, producers and journalists at UK radio stations. You are welcome to download it and share with your colleagues.

Download the guide here (PDF)

ABOUT PAUL: Paul Chantler is a radio content consultant who has spent 35 years in the radio industry as a journalist, presenter and programmer. He is an expert on media law and compliance and delivers training seminars to broadcasters throughout the UK. More details at www.paulchantler.com

ABOUT US: Devaweb has been creating audio imaging, content and commercials for 17 years, and works with stations of all sizes. From large commercial groups through to community and online stations, Devaweb believes that all stations should have strong, effective imaging that reflects the feel of their output. Devaweb is led by Chris Stevens, and is based at MediaCityUK. Hear examples of our work on this website, and on our Soundcloud page.

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