Who said
Christmas is Over?

At Devaweb, we’ve decided we want to prolong the season of good will, which is why we’re going to make you an offer you’d be crazy to refuse.

We’ll keep it short. We are offering all community stations a half price one voice commercial. No strings attached.

That means, if it’s client written, you’ll pay just £35 for a fully produced commercial with music and/or sound effects, or only £40 if we write it!

Just so you know, we only ever use the best VOs in the industry on our commercials and we certainly won’t be making any exceptions for this.

This is a discount you can either pass on to a client or keep as profit for your station – whichever you do is absolutely fine with us.

The only thing we ask from you is that you make sure it’s submitted to us before 5pm on 31st January 2020.

So, get sending us your scripts!

Email Zoë Vernon on zoe@devaweb.co.uk

Listen to examples of Devaweb's commercial production:

There are very few Terms & Conditions, but here they are:

This offer applies to all Ofcom licensed community stations only.

This offer is for a single one voiced commercial. For any additional voices, there will be an added charge of £40 per voice.

The offer must be taken before 5pm on 31st of January.