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The Complete Package

Everything you need so sound great

Across the UK and beyond, our complete station package has been chosen by over 100 stations as their tool to sound as professional as their competitors.

Containing all the elements you need to completely brand a radio station, it gives flexibility without compromising on the perfect sound. Every package is custom created, without the use of templates or pre-built packages, and we can offer a wide range of professional voices.

  • Speysound Radio
  • Radio Plus
  • XFM 100.2
Here’s what our complete station package includes:

  • Fifteen fully produced sweepers of varying styles
  • Each sweeper includes a dry mix, a mix with music bed, sweeper fx mixes and short-edit versions where the script allows
  • Two fully produced station promos
  • Name checks for up to 50 presenters
  • News into & headlines imaging
  • Weather sounder with bed

  • What’s On bed with voice and end tag
  • A wide choice of professional voice artists – we only work with the best
  • All our production work is fully guaranteed, and if anything doesn’t sound how you want it to, we’ll remix it until it does
  • Affordable updates for new presenters and additional liners
  • A 25% discount off presenter packs ordered at the same time as the station package
  • A contemporary yet classy sound