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Sung Jingles

Catchy, effective, awesome!

We love a sung jingle – who doesn’t? Our sister company Ignite Jingles produces catchy jingles that improve recall while also aiding the flow of your radio station. And our partners in the USA, TM Studios, have been producing radio jingles for over 40 years, with jingles on the air in every major American market.

  • Ignite Kiss (CHR)
  • Ignite Now (AC / Hot AC)
  • Radio Gibraltar

New from Ignite Jingles in the UK, this is Ignite Kiss… the CHR jingle package that fit with your playlist, and makes sure that your listeners know your name and dial position. All seven themes include ramps, slogan cuts, shotguns and supershots. Plus, the coolest morning show jingle ever – check out the choir!

New for 2014, and new for The Bay! Seven jingle themes with ramps, slogans and shotguns aplenty, plus themes for breakfast, weather and the top of the hour.

Radio Gibraltar has been on the air for over 50 years, and the rock can now hear our jingles alongside the station’s mix of programming. This package combines cuts from a number of other stations, all resung with our new musical logo for Radio Gibraltar. Also included are some custom feature beds.

Jingles, Jingles, Jingles

Heard a jingle package that you like, but needs some adjustment to work perfectly on your station? Need a different vocal sound, or want us to change our the sonic logo? Require a package sung in a different language? No problems – we’d love to.

And if you’d rather go custom, bring it on! Even if it means that we all need to go on a trip to Dallas!

Bring your station to life, find out how we can help you to pick the right Jingle Package for your station, emailing post@devaweb.co.uk.

“This is one of the best jingle packages I’ve heard in ages that sits nicely with our wide range of music. It’s not too hot for adult contemporary or too easy listening for Hit radio – we love it.”

Carl Kinsman – Station Imaging Producer