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Podcast Music

Music… one of the most powerful forms of communication.

There’s a reason why every TV show has theme music – it aids recall, creates familiarity, and reinforces the mood and feel of the show. Podcasts should be the same!

Of course, with podcasts, there’s an extra challenge… the music needs to be royalty free, so you don’t fall foul of the licensing agencies.

Devaweb has a range of music beds that are available for purchase – decide on the right one for your podcast, click to purchase, and it’s yours! Most include different mixes, and once you’ve paid for the track, there are no more fees to be paid.

Have a listen to the music and get in touch to get things happening!

The right voice adds authority and confidence to a podcast. It frames the podcast, allowing you to concentrate on what matters – being you, and sharing your content.


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